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Get Peaceful Sleep with our Best Quality Mattresses Online in Melbourne with Modern Day Living

Each individual has different needs when it comes to mattress comfort. Whether you buy your mattresses online or from a mattress shop, it needs to be of good quality to support your posture throughout the night resulting in restful sleep. If you are looking for the best mattress to buy online, then you have come to the right place. Modern Day Living offers high-quality mattresses in Melbourne.

Some people are hesitant to buy a double bed mattress online. However, before you buy a mattress online from a mattress store, you need to consider factors that determine the quality of a mattress. Before choosing a mattress, aspects such as sleeping position and health conditions need to be considered. When you buy the best mattress online for your single bed, you must ensure the mattress is sturdy and comfortable. A well-made mattress will support your spine. There are several types of mattresses with different firmness:

  1. Firm Mattress:

    If you are used to sleeping on your stomach, you need a firm mattress to keep your spine aligned.

  2. Medium Mattress:

    This type of mattress is the perfect fit for people who sleep on their backs as this offers support for your spine, back, and neck.

  3. Soft Mattress:

    A soft mattress is excellent for sleeping on your side as it supports and adjusts to your body’s curves.

It’s a good idea to check if the mattress you purchase is of the quality mentioned in the description. Modern Day Living Store offers quality and value for money.

Benefits of Shopping Luxury Mattresses from Modern Day Living

Our online mattress store is one of the best in Melbourne. Here are some benefits you can enjoy when you shop for mattresses with us:

  1. Affordable:
    People are hesitant to discard their old mattress for a new one as mattresses can be pricey. With us, you can find quality mattresses at a reasonable rate.
  1. Easy instalments:
    You can pay in four instalments so that you can enjoy the product in your home.
  1. Timely delivery:
    We deliver products on time.
  1. Reliable:
    Our products match their description so that you can be assured that the mattress or furniture you choose is sturdy and of high quality.

Types of the product we are offering along with mattresses at Modern Day Living

Aside from mattresses, you can get the following products at MDL Bedding:

  1. Belinda Bedside Table
  2. Orange Lounge Chair
  3. Atlantic Dresser with Mirror
  4. Hugo Dresser
  5. Mattress Toppers
  6. Ivy Dressing Table
  7. Kennedy Timber Bed
  8. Monterey Dressing Table

If you want to buy the best from an online bedding store, look at our online store! Call us at 03 9465 2650 or drop us an email at for more information.